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Electronic Hardware India: RAF Electronic Hardware is a full service manufacturer of captive panel screws, spacers, standoffs, jack screws, precision shoulder screws, thumb screws, male-female standoffs, circuit board supports and handles and ferrules. Products are available in metric and American standard dimensions.

RAF Electronic Hardware offers the widest selection of American standard and metric dimensioned components available from a single source. You can choose the style, size, material and finish that's just right for your application. A modern U.S. manufacturing and plating facility assures you of a large product inventory, short lead times, and same day processing and shipping.

RAF Electronic Hardware has been committed to customer service since its founding. The full selection of product literature is just the beginning. An eager, informed inside sales staff is waiting to help you. Strong distributor support means that RAF products are available from local sources around the world. Phone, fax, and now the internet puts us as close as your desktop. We do whatever it takes to get the right product to you, on time.

Click below for more information and photographs of our products.

Captive Panel Screws
       Captive screws are a type of screw typically used in PC boards and equipment panel assemblies where mounting hardware is subject to loss. Identifiable by the unthreaded shank with a threaded end, captive screws are often combined with washers, springs, and retainers depending on their intended function, to create a self-captivating assembly.
                      captive panel screw

        Spacers, also known as “bushings”, are un-threaded hollow tubes, primarily used to separate assemblies from each other and from housings. Spacers are primarily used for applications requiring close control of dimensions, such as PCB mounting.
                  Spacers or Bushings

Standoffs are threaded separators of a defined length, used to raise one assembly above another and are essential in providing space between components and housings and are most often found in PCB mounting and stacking applications. They are available in both female-female and male-male varieties but are most commonly male-female with threading on the male end and the inside of the female end allowing components to be joined together.

                         electronic hardware standoffs

Jack Screws
Standard 3/16” hex jack screws are primarily used to secure D-type cable connectors in computer and other electronic equipment or to draw two connector halves together and keep them mated. They come as a complete set including 2 flat washers, one lock washer, and one nut. Hex jack screws meet all the important industry specifications and can be customized for your application.

                          jack screws for electronics

Precision Shoulder Screws
Shoulder screws also referred to as shoulder bolts, or stripper bolts, are used as a precision spacer and bearing surface for a wide variety of applications. Shoulder screws are uniquely identifiable by their long, cylindrical, midsection (shoulder), which is wider than the screw section, but narrower than the head. When screwed into a surface, the shoulder section remains above the hole allowing for the rotation of attached parts like pulleys, gears, mechanical assemblies and rolling wheels. They can also be used to attach stripper plates, which enables high torque fastening in environments with limited clearance.

                                      shoulder screws

Thumb Screws
Thumb screws add the finishing touch to front panels or other equipment and offer the ease of no-tool assembly and disassembly for many applications. These components have easy-to-grip diamond knurl head surfaces plus a choice of materials and finishes that will complement any design. Thumb screws can also be used internally where tool-less assembly/disassembly is desired.

                                  thumb screws

Printed Circuit Board Supports

Circuit Board Supports are used to protect circuit boards from electrical transmission in many types of consumer and commercial electronics applications. Circuit board supports encompass a large variety of nylon components such as:

  • standoffs
  • spacers
  • adhesive base supports
  • threaded and Snap-on
  • blind-hole
  • flexible hinge
  • edge/corner
  • and many other configurations

Handles and Handle Ferrules
Handles, also known as pull handles, or mounting handles, are designed for use on the outside of a unit or rack cabinet, like rack panels and instrument cases. RAF offers 11 attractive and functional handle lines in both American and Metric dimensions. In addition, a choice of handle ferrules is offered to reinforce and complete the installation.

                          handles and ferrules

Non-Metallic Flat and Shoulder Washers

Our flat and shoulder washers are non-conductive and utilized in electronics applications similarly to mechanical applications, but manufactured with non-metallic materials to insulate and protect against electrical transmission such as:

  • nylon
  • phenolic
  • Teflon

These washers provide good surface protection, deform slightly under pressure to partially seal and secure assemblies, and provide excellent thermal and electrical insulation.

                         flat washers

                                NEW PRODUCTS - LARGE DIAMETER SPACERS


RAF has expanded our capabilities. We can now manufacture Clear Hole Spacers in three new sizes:

     large diameter spacers 

1" Round
1 1/4" Round
 1 1/2" Round

RAF Electronic Hardware web sites:

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www.ElectronicHardware.mobi  (for mobile devices)

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